Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

  • Building A Home Studio? Two Reasons To Hire An Acoustical Consultant

    Putting a studio in your home could be the first step to a totally new way of life. In the past, it was nearly impossible to have a viable home studio but the Internet has completely changed the game. You can now do podcasts from the comfort of your home, create content to put online or even read audiobooks out loud to earn extra money. The key to making it all happen is knowing what you need to get the right sound.

  • Reasons to Rely on AV Staffing Agencies

    If you have a company that makes use out of a lot of technical audio and visual equipment, hiring professionals to manage said equipment is key in avoiding issues. You'll be better off filling these positions if you work with an AV staffing agency.  Find the Right Specialist The professional field of AV varies quite a bit. You have operators, technicians, and engineers. So that you hire the right specialist for the AV actions you need to be completed, get help from an AV staffing agency.

  • High-End Audio Components: A Must-Have For Home Theaters

    Much of the entertainment that modern consumers take in is accessed via streaming services online. Streaming has changed the way that homeowners approach the design of their home entertainment systems in recent years. As you begin planning the design of your home theater, consider the quality of the audio components that you invest in. High-quality audio components are vital to the success of your streaming experience. Compressed and Compromised Streaming services are capable of storing hundreds of thousands of titles on their servers at any given time.

  • Six Ways To Prepare For Your First Documentary

    If you have an idea for a documentary, be cautious before you dive into this endeavor. Creating a documentary can be an expensive and time-consuming process. To create a great documentary, you will need to acquire many skills. However, these are skills you can carry with you into other professions. 1. Create a Narrative One difference between a documentary and a research report is that you will want to craft your research into a story.

  • It's Not You, It's The Lights: Solving Stage Lighting Issues

    If you are a new stage technician trying to set up lighting for a production, and you're encountering problems with the lights either not behaving well or not appearing to look good when publicity shots are taken, you're going to have to check more than your light controls. Once the lights are in place and the cables are laid -- and the stage and props are set up -- you can find that there are some strange issues you might not have accounted for.

  • About Me

    Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

    Hi, my name is Toni. I have been an amateur wedding photographer since I was eight and bought my first disposal camera. Now, I still take photos at weddings, but I also do more than that. I capture my friends' excited expressions on video, and I create video artwork essentially to memorialize their days. Due to my AV savvy, I have also helped many friends set up the sound systems for their wedding dances and parties. If you want to learn how to integrate audio-visual equipment and strategies into your wedding, you have come to the right place. Please explore and enjoy reading!